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How to Make Corset-Style Backs

    Preparing the Top

    • 1). Cut down the center of the back of your top or dress. If you are using a dress, stop cutting about 2 inches from where the dress will hit the tail bone.

    • 2). Fold the cut edges back on themselves towards the inside of the shirt so that there is a 4- to 6-inch gap between them when the shirt is pulled snug around the front. If you are using a dress, fold the top edge in, forming a wedge shaped gap. Pin along the folds.

    • 3). Iron the folds and remove the pins to press the fold into the fabric.

    • 4). Cut two pieces of interfacing that are 1 1/2 inches wide by the height of the gap in the back. Place them between the folded layers of fabric and iron to fuse the fabric together and stiffen the area where the grommets will go.

    • 5). Straight stitch around the interfacing to increase the strength of the area and prevent the fabric from separating over time.

    Installing Grommets

    • 1). Starting 1/2 inch from the top of your garment, measure and mark the center of the fused fabric every 2 inches down the length of the fused fabric.

    • 2). Place the male side of a grommet over each mark and color in the area of fabric inside the hole. Using scissors, cut away the marked fabric.

    • 3). Turn the garment inside out and, on a hard surface, place a male grommet side into the right side of each hole so that the male side of the grommet is against your hard surface.

    • 4). Place a female grommet on top of each male grommet and, one by one, set the male side of the grommet on the grommet tool, the top of the grommet tool on the female side of the grommet and hit the top of the grommet tool with your hammer.

    • 5). Turn your garment right side out and lace your ribbon through the grommets from the top down and you have a corset back.

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