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Top 10 Top Picks - Jack Lowe"s Top 10 Albums for 2005

Each year, country music puts out some outstanding albums. AboutCountry staff writer Jolene Downs gives us her choices for the Top 10 Albums for 2005.

1. Brad Paisley - Time Well Wasted

I'm just about willing to grant Brad Paisley the crown as today's king of feel-good real country music. His songs are chipper, cheerful, fun to listen to, and always so very true to the heart of country music you cannot argue there's any lack of grit. This stuff is so country it's out in the field chewing on a straw. Not to say he can't and doesn't touch the heart. Brad's new disc is just as warm and wonderful as his first ones were: fun, sweet, and real.More »

2. Ray Scott - My Kind Of Music

This is truly one of the best CD's I have listened to in a long time. Ray Scott has a great baritone and the songs have lots of steel and make you want to find the nearest Honky Tonk and dance the night away. It is a very traditional CD and brings back hope that country music may be back on the right track. If you love real country music, you will love this CD.More »

3. Martina McBride - Timeless

They say that everything that's old is new again. Well that is sure the case with Martina McBride's new CD called 'Timeless.' You get 18 classic country songs from the 60's and 70's that made country music great! This is one that you will definitely want to give a listen to.More »

4. Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up

Gretchen's sophomore album is just as strong as her first. She proves she can hold her own with the boys on the drinking songs, and make you run for a box of tissues with her ballads. She's a woman with her own mind, and she isn't afraid to be who she is. Anyone who loves great country music will enjoy this CD. The lyrics are a little politically incorrect at times, but she is singing about real life and not a fantasy world. To me, this is what country music has always been about.More »

5. Faith Hill - Fireflies

This album is all I've been waiting for and far more than I expected. Faith has once again out done herself with this album. There isn't a song on it that I don't like. Faith's sixth album and she does an incredible job on all the songs. There are some great ballads and a special Duet with husband Tim. One you won't want to miss adding to your collection of country CD's. Plug it into your cd player in your car and right off "Sunshine and Summertime" comes on, and you are good to go.More »

6. Trisha Yearwood - Jasper County

After a break from the music industry, Trisha is back with a vengeance. This album is fun to listen to. She has chosen songs she can have some fun with as well as a few ballads where she can really show off her vocal abilities. It is a great addition to any CD collection.More »

7. Johnny Cash - The Legend Of Johnny Cash

The first word that comes to mind after listening to these four CD's is WOW! 'Cash, The Legend' has grouped over 100 songs on four different CD's. There is also a little flip section with an autobiography and many photos. It is almost impossible to do this awesome project justice with just a couple of short paragraphs. This is an excellent compilation of the songs of Johnny Cash from beginning to end. This is a must have for any Cash collector.More »

8. Various Artists - Desperate Housewives Soundtrack

The Desperate Housewives soundtrack is a really great CD packed with powerful songs that say ?Girl Power!? from start to finish. Whether it's jamming along with Shania Twain's song ?Shoes,? or rocking out to Anna Nalick's version of ?Band Of Gold,? you will want to crank this one up and sing along!More »

9. Various Artists - Medicine Of Love

When you combine some of the biggest names in country music today with a very worthy cause, you just can't go wrong!More »

10. Joe Nichols - III

With his third album release, Joe Nichols continues to keep his strong traditional roots and sing from the heart. This is an excellent album and if this is the direction 'new' country is headed then the future of country music is in excellent shape. There are excellent song choices with something that will fit just about any music mood you are in. From upbeat songs to tear-jerking ballads, it is a terrific addition to any collection.More »

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