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Save Money and Save Energy This Winter

My favorite season is here!! Although it's my favorite, many aren't too fond of winter due to higher electric bills.
To keep winter awesome, I've put together some tips that will help many of us to save money and save energy.
-Insulate Your Home Insulate your Windows, this doesn't mean you must replace your windows.
You can place light and inexpensive film over windows which will keep out the cold and keep in the warmth.
By insulating your home, your reducing the heat that escapes from your home, meaning that your Air conditioner works less, meaning you save energy AND money! -Insulate Your Home Place large mats under your main door to keep out the cold.
Any drafts that you allow in your home will lead to more energy consumption.
-Stay Cozy Don't only bundle up when your out side, keep your self warm while your also inside.
Just because you have the heat on does not mean you should wear T-Shirts or Shorts.
Keep your self warm, wear heavy clothing so you do not always need to have the heat turned up.
Basically, wear heavy clothing so you don't have to keep the heat up so high.
Even 1 degree on your heating unit makes a great difference.
-Insulate your Home I keep bringing this up because it's a must to save money.
You need to be sure to seal up any cracks, and openings.
If needed, be sure to insulate your garage door.
-Heating When you leave to go out, be sure to either turn your heating unit completely off, or to lower the settings.
No point in keeping the heat on in an empty house.
When you go to sleep, be sure to turn down your heating unit.
Don't turn it off, but just lower the settings to save money, also be sure to wear heavy clothing you don't catch a cold.
-Insulate If you have an attic, make sure to cover up the entrance.
Any heat escaping to the attic is wasted energy.
-Water We all love to take long showers during cold times.
If your not willing to cut down on your shower times, then install some low flow showerheads.
Save Water and Money -Carpets Place some rugs on hardwood floors to keep your home a bit warmer.
If you can fully carpet your floors, then go for it!! I'm sure we all realize that carpet holds in more heat than hardwood.
-Programmable Thermostats These are easy to install, and they make a big difference.
They regulate the temperate and make sure your always saving the most you can.
-Warmness If you have a small fan(on the lowest setting), use it to distribute the warm air from your AC.
By doing so, it takes less time to warm your home, therefore, you save a bit of money.
These are all very effective ways to save money, and save power this winter.

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