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About Mexican Passports


    • There are three types of Mexican passports. Each is given to various groups of people or specific persons. The personal passport is the most widely distributed. It is given to citizens of Mexico for personal trips, vacations or business travel. Official passports are less frequently distributed, because they are only given to government officials to track travel of those working for the government. The diplomatic passport is given to Mexican diplomats in order to expedite their travel outside the country.


    • Mexican passports are easy to identify. They resemble other passports, as they are small rectangular books. The outside cover is dark green and in the center of the front cover is the Mexican coat of arms in a light gold color. Above this is the word Mexico and below the Spanish word for passport, pasaporte.


    • The Mexican passport works as a key to visiting another country for the Mexican citizen. As per the note on the inside of the passport, it allows Mexican citizens to enter other countries without hindrance. It also grants Mexican citizens protection under foreign law in countries that allow Mexican citizens in. It is also one form of identification that could be used for a number of different government applications.


    • The Mexican passport bears a number of different bits of information on the issuant inside. This is to give foreign nations enough information on the person entering their country as they will need. Such information includes the passport number, the person's full name, personal identification number, nationality, date of birth, place of birth and a photo of the person. It also includes information on the passport itself, such as a barcode that can be scanned and the date of expiration for the document.


    • It is important to understand that just because a Mexican citizen has a Mexican passport, that does not necessarily grant full access to a country. Many nations only allow Mexican citizens to stay for a certain number of days before needing a visa. Still others require a visa upon arrival in their country. This should be researched before travelling, because acquiring a visa can be a lengthy process and involve lots of paperwork.

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