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Increase Your Golf Swing Speed With a Single Exercise!

If you are looking to increase your golf swing speed then you have got to participate in exercises that engage your core midsection and promote your body's mobility.
As as strength and conditioning professional I can tell you that I can think of no better way of doing this than by including the use of kettlebell training, but more specifically the kettlebell Turkish get up.
Read on if I have your attention.
The Kettlebell Turkish Get Up: An Exercise To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed! Lets face it, golf requires the use of your core midsection and most everyone knows this, but they just don't know how to enhance this particular variable in terms of an effective strength and conditioning program.
You see the key to enhancing one's athletic performance for ANY sport (including golf) is to format an exercise program that focuses in on the element of resisted movement training.
Kettlebell training is at the top of the food chain when it comes to resisted movement my friend.
When talking about resisted movement there is no better exercise or lift that defines this than the single arm get up or Turkish get up.
This lift basically engages all of the muscles of your core midsection and trains your body to move along every plane of motion.
The lift is done by you having to lie on the ground with the kettlebell lifted up above your head with your arm perpendicular to the ground.
From here the object is to stand up to your feet and return to the ground while keeping the bell above your head and your arm perpendicular to the ground the entire time.
This movement is very taxing and you can throw the notion of "high reps" out the window when performing this lift to it's textbook requirement.
You see the key to building strength is maximizing muscular tension! This is done by loading the muscle and forcing tension upon it.
The get up is a fantastic lift for maximizing muscular tension throughout your big core muscles and many of the stabilizers involved in the process.
This single lift is great for improving your shoulder mobility, total body mobility, core strength, and mental focus.
Do all of these characteristics sound relevant to your golf swing speed? I think so.
If you haven't already started to include the kettlebell get up into your arsenal of golf swing speed exercises then you are missing out.
Take the time to learn more on the subject by accessing the rest of my articles for free.
Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the champions train smart my friend.

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