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Ten Traits of a Successful Nurse

Nursing is a rewarding career in the medical field.
There is the prestige, the honor, the job stability and the knowledge that nursing is a thankful and fulfilling career.
Because it continues to be a rapidly growing and trending industry, many new nursing students (both female and male) are flocking to nursing schools due to the high-demand career.
And let us not forget the escalating potential for a reliable job, competitive pay, comfortable scrub medical uniforms and the opportunity to advance.
If you have ever considered a lucrative nursing career, there are a few key characteristics and determining qualities you may wish to hone in order to increase your personal chances for success.
Here are the top ten characteristic traits of successful nurses: 1.
Nurses need to relate to their patients, make them feel comfortable and should be able to empathize for the people they are entrusted to help.
Attention to detail.
Registered nurses are required to administer medicine and perform tasks that mandate little to no room for error.
Noticing the little things and exact detail is very important in this profession.
Problem solving ability.
Career nurses can quickly analyze a situation, consider multiple factors, think quickly for a resolution and anticipate future problems before they occur.
Open communication skills.
Nursing in the medical field requires the ability to take and give direction.
You should be able to communicate effectively (verbal and nonverbal) with those around them including doctors, patients, orderlies and other staff members.
They should be able to follow directions to a point (see #2) and understand the needs of sick patients and follow the doctors orders.
Respect for others.
This goes hand in hand with open communication.
You must be a team player and be willing to follow the rules.
The medical field is a high stress profession and requires patience and understanding of all your coworkers and patients alike.
The patience and magnitude to work in close quarters with high stress and multiple types of people.
Nurses deal with a colorful variety of individuals on a regular basis.
Whether it is completing daily tasks with fellow medical staff, rapping with patients or delivering potentially bad news to family members, successful nurses must be able to handle a wide range of personalities and coping techniques.
Nursing students and RNs work long hard hours, wear simple (yet comfortable) nursing scrubs every day and must be able to maintain adapt to any situation when they are needed.
Physically tough.
Nurses are on their feet in specialty no slip shoes, constantly moving for the entirety of their long shifts.
It is important that you can handle the physical demands of the job.
On a bright side, nursing scrubs are incredibly comfortable and cost effective.
Nurses must be able to think, act and respond quickly to any situation they may be faced with and trust their instincts.
While nurses must be flexible in terms of schedules, they must remain stable in life threatening situations.
Nurses daily face stressful and traumatic situations with patients and it is upon the nurse to remain calm and effective to find the resolution to any circumstance.

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