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Havana Restaurants You Can Add to Cuba All Inclusive Holidays

Main hub of Cuba holidays is Havana, the capital city. There are numerous attractions that should be on your list. After full day sight seeing, dining at sophisticated restaurant will take all your stress away. Therefore, you should know about the top rated restaurants in the city. One of the most prominent restaurants in the city is La Guarida in Central Havana.

This intriguing restaurant is strategically located on the top floor of Havana tenement building. Food lovers enjoying Holidays in Cuba never miss out on dining at this restaurant as it serves great food items. While waiting for your order, you can take a look at the photographs on the walls. These photographs contain pictures of well known celebrities who have enjoyed a meal in this restaurant.

Menu of La Guarida consists of Nueva Cocina Cubana dishes and variety of international dishes. Some of the most popular dishes that you can order in the restaurant are sea bass in coconut reduction, papaya lasagne with chopped sea fish and grilled red snapper with yucca. If you want to dine at this restaurant, make sure you are reserving your place in advance as it has limited seating.

El Ajibe is another restaurant in Havana that remains in the top priority of people planning Cuba all inclusive holidays. The restaurant is a rage among locals as well as tourists. Dish that lures large number of diners is Pollo Asado or roast pork. You can have this delicious dish with plantin, white rice and black beans. Bitter Orange Sauce is served with salad. Meat lovers consider dine at La Fontana. In this small yet sophisticated restaurant, great char-grilled meat is served. The menu has wide range of starters such as crab with eggplant, fried chickpeas and quail eggs.

Los Nardos is another restaurant that you can add to the list of your Holidays to Cuba to enjoy delicious Cuban food. It is strategically located to Capitolio. This semi-private restaurant is run by Spanish Asturianas Society. While dining at this restaurant, you can order authentic Spanish dishes such as paella, garlic prawns and lobster. For budget travelers, the restaurant is nothing less than a heaven as it is quite cheap.
All Inclusive holidays to Cuba are incomplete without dining at Las Orishas in Havana. During weekends, your dining experience would be well complemented by live rumba music. The restaurant has a nice bar in its courtyard. While sipping your signature drink at the bar, you can take a look at spectacular Afro-Cuban sculptures.

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