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Enjoy Ethnic Belly Dancing On A Dhow Cruise

Everyone has heard it over and over again about how exciting a Dubai dhow cruise is.
Entertainment is a major factor that attracts locals and tourists for this simple yet unique way of spending time.

Evenings form the best time for these trips. The atmosphere is all geared up as there are varied forms of entertainment that keep you engaged. Entertainment on a dhow can be anything from modern Arabic music to belly dancing. Belly dancing is ethnic and also entertaining. The main focus of belly dancing is on the hip movement. It spells a traditional Arab dancing system that has been carried on for generations. "Raks Baladi" and "Raks Sharqi" are the two basic types of traditional belly dancing. Later on with time Raks Sharqi became popular all over the world. The costumes worn by belly dancers, is stunning. They range from haram pants to skirts depending upon the troop they are in. Belly dancing is one activity everybody loves to watch as it is a real pleasure watching these belly dancers while sipping your drink or even while relaxing. Since belly dancing is performed in a sophisticated manner it can be enjoyed with both family and friends. This is one cruise entertainment everybody will love and remember for a long time to come.

So when on a Dubai dhow cruise in the evening, make sure that you enjoy it to your best. You can contact a good Dubai boat tour company to enjoy a splendid evening dhow trip in Dubai.

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