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Take the Bite Out of the Recession

One of the fastest ways to suffer the backlash of a recession is to let it get you down.
Its like anything else in life if you fight back then you at least have a chance of becoming victorious.
If you are going, to sit back and take what life tries to hand out to you then you are at its mercy.
A recession certainly does affect many aspects of our lives.
The cost of living is a chore to be reckoned with on its own.
We are so busy trying to produce the essentials that anything beyond that such as recreation and entertainment is not even given a thought.
The best way to tackle the recession is in two stages.
The first stage to make the necessities of life not so difficult to get and the second stage is putting some fun back in your life.
Stage One - The Necessities.
To begin with, you need a roof over our head and food on the table.
For the roof over your head, chances are you are paying rent or a mortgage.
Along with that are all the utilities such as your heat and hydro.
To help you with your rent/mortgage consider earning some extra home income.
Perhaps running a part time day care service or even finding some freelancing work on the internet.
Be astute at not wasting your heat, water and hydro.
Set up a house patrol to get everyone into the swing of things of conserving these necessities.
For your food cut, back here is where you can have some fun.
You need to slash the grocery bill.
So its time to check out the bargains and what is on sale.
Let your local food advertisements plan your meals for the week.
Whatever is on sale is what you need to plan your meals around.
Stage Two - Putting some fun back in your life The stress of a recession alone is a fun killer.
So by getting stage one in place it will help to lift the burden a little.
Now you can concentrate on some free fun.
First, it is for the kids though because chances are you are feeling pretty rotten that they cannot do the things they want to do.
So here are just a few hints to help get your imagination flowing.
If you live in a region, where it is cold and you have enough space in your backyard, put in a good old-fashioned ice rink.
Not only will the kids have a place to skate that is not costing admission, you could also open it up to the neighborhood kids.
See if anyone is interested and get everyone to chip in some money for the water cost.
Plan a virtual vacation.
This may sound a bit weird but pick some place that the kids would really like to go.
For example, lets say Hawaii.
Then plan a Hawaiian weekend at home that is.
Start making all the props to create a Hawaiian theme.
You can get the supplies from a thrift store.
Plan a Hawaiian menu, and activities that would fit the theme.
Let each of the kids invite one friend.
Finally its fun time for you.
Set up a kid pool with the neighbors.
Meaning that everyone takes turns looking after someone else's kids while the parents have a weekend home alone.
These are just a very few of the numerable things that you can do to take the bite out of the recession.

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