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New Construction Termite Control Best Way to Avoid Termite Infestation

If you are planning to build a new building, it is better to think about termite control at this stage because this is the right time to do right treatment to control termites. You should call experienced and trained pest control professionals which can offer their services to control the termite infestation. There are many professionals who are experts in new construction termite control techniques. In these techniques, direct liquid treatments are used to the external, internal and in the foundation to completely barricade termites' entrance. Liquid pesticide is directly injected inside the foundation, granite walls, and also under concrete slabs. It is essential that all new construction get a right pre-treatment to avoid termite infestation in future. Usually, pre-construction termite control method involves following steps-
  1. The bottom and side surface of the foundation and trenches are treated with termitiside. This treatment is used early stage of building process, even before the foundation is completed and before inner walls are made.
  2. The walls which have an immediate contact with the foundation are treated with chemical. In this step, the chemical should be faced towards the stone walls surfaces in order to treat the earth surface in a better manner with the chemical.
  3. Before making the floor, the top surface of the earth inside the plinth walls is treated with chemical. It is made sure that foundation is treated to its full intensity, instead of treating upper surface.
  4. Builders should keep in mind creating gardens over the treated barrier may result into untreated gaps which in turn increase the chances of termite infestation.
  5. Once the coverings (paneling, sheet rock etc.) are made and the next part of the anti termite treatment is applied.

Using termite-resistant wood in your homes is also popular way to avoid termite infestation. Resinous woods are considered termite resistant in nature, and some different types of woods are chemically injected or treated to eliminate termites. However, no technique can assure the safety against natural pests, but termite-resistant wood has been incredibly effective in preventing your new homes from termite infestation for a longer time.
Termite can damage your property completely; sometimes it gets too late to control termite. They reside inside the walls and wooden furniture, so whenever you notice a mud tubes on outer walls, cracked or distorted paints, you should immediately call a professional.

Numerous different insecticide products are used in new construction termite control method. The termiticides applied in the pre-construction termite treatment are different as compared to the termiticides applied in the post-construction termite treatment. The building of termite barriers (artificial blocks or filling or soil) in surrounding or in home foundation may prove useful. During the construction of building, liquid chemical can be applied to the soil.

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