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It is critically important that you explore and implement the wide range of tips, suggestions, and best practices to give your Web site the most competitive edge and obtain the highest possible rankings with search engines. This article contains various best practices, tips, and secrets.

*It is important to use your keywords heavily on your Web pages. Use key phrases numerous times, placing them close to the top of the page. Place key phrases between head tags in the first two paragraphs of your page. Place key phrases in bold type at least once on each page. Repeat keywords and key phrases often to increase density on your pages.

*Design pages so they are easily navigated by search engine spiders and Web crawlers. Search engines prefer text over graphics and also prefer HTML over other page formats. You must make your page easy to navigate by the search engines.

*Don't use frames. Search engines have difficulty following them, and so will your site visitors. The best advice we can give on frames is to never use them!

*Limit the use of Macromedia Flash and other high-end design applications as most search engines have trouble reading and following them, hurting you in search engine listings.

*Consider creating a site map of all pages within your Web site. While not necessarily the most useful tool to site visitors, it does greatly improve the search engine's capacity to property index all of your Web site pages.

*Many Web sites use a left-hand navigational bar. This is standard on many sites; however, the algorithm that many spiders and Web crawlers use will have this read before the main content of your Web site. Make sure you use keywords within the navigation, and if using images for your navigational buttons, ensure you use the ALT tags loaded with appropriate keywords.

*Ensure that all Web pages have links back to the home page.

*Use copyright and "about us" pages.

*Don't try to trick the search engines with hidden or invisible text or other techniques. If you do, the search engine will likely penalize you.

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