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How to Decide What Kind of Website to Create

    • 1). Navigate a website like Google Trends (see Resources) to see what the most popular trends on the Internet are. You can see what is searched the most by order, or can enter a search item to check how many hits it gets per month on Google.

    • 2). Enter your own online searches to see how many results come up for a topic that you are interested in. If there are many of one website type, you will not be able to draw much traffic. If there are only a few, chances are that you can compete for the visitors to those websites.

    • 3). Keep your search specific enough to not be duplicated many times, but not too specific to not draw enough searches. For example, do not use "Fashion" or "1940s Russian Fashion," but instead try "Historical Russian Fashions."

    • 4). Check the forums on related websites to see what visitors are talking about. Try a broad topic and see what niches people are interested in.

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