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How to Keep an Aquarium Cleaner Longer

    • 1). Create and maintain stable, healthy water chemistry. Prepare aquarium water with a dechlorinator and beneficial bacteria solution during your initial tank setup and at every water change for a chlorine-free environment with a healthy colony of microbes.

    • 2). Check regularly for ammonia, nitrate and nitrite with an aquarium test kit, and take appropriate action if any of these toxins are present. Partial water changes are a quick and effective natural way to remove chemicals produced during the nitrogen cycle. Avoid adding neutralizing chemicals to reduce ammonia, nitrate or nitrite because they will cause additional water stabilization problems in the long term.

    • 3). Calculate how many fish are suitable for your tank and do not introduce too many at first. Online fish stock calculators allow you to input your aquarium size, filter and other variables to provide appropriate recommendations based on any fish that you already have.

    • 4). Feed your fish once a day and remove the excess food straight away. Decomposing food rapidly makes tank water dirty. Monitor how much food your fish eat within 10 minutes and feed accordingly. Net out uneaten floating food or siphon discarded sinking pellets immediately.

    • 5). Provide the correct amount of light in your aquarium. Plug the tank light into a timer and set it to be on for approximately 10 hours each day. Look closely at the glass for signs of green or brown algae every morning. If there are brown deposits, you are not providing enough light; green and there is too much. Clear glass indicates the correct balance of night and day. Minor algae blooms may still develop, even in a well-maintained aquarium, but they are easy to keep under control.

    • 6). Attach an algae magnet to the tank and sweep it over the glass every day to remove initial algae deposits. An algae scraper is a suitable alternative. Deal with algae before it takes hold and your glass should stay looking clean.

    • 7). Change approximately 25 percent of the water every week to maintain a clean and healthy aquarium.

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