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How to Shape a Sweater

  • 1). Soak the sweater in cool water.

  • 2). Spread a towel flat on the floor and lay the sweater on top of it.

  • 3). Roll the towel up with the sweater inside.

  • 4). Squeeze the towel until the sweater is still damp, but not dripping.

  • 5). Lay a clean towel on a carpeted floor.

  • 6). Unroll the sweater and remove it from the damp towel.

  • 7). Spread the sweater flat on top of the clean towel, shaping the damp sweater to the dimensions that you want.

  • 8). Pin the sweater to the towel by sticking pins into the edges of the sweater.

  • 9). Wait for the sweater to dry completely and then remove the pins. It should now be shaped appropriately.

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