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Why Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last? - Here is the Ultimate Answer You Just Can"t Miss

Guys often wonder why girls, who come to them for advice on everything from academics to love, don't find them attractive.
No matter how much they try, they still end up the loser and people take advantage of their good nature and big hearts.
While the media played a great part in shaping the way people think about themselves and others, everyone has something good in them and if they only try to use their energy in perfecting what they are good at, they will end up a winner including the girl's heart.
Nice guys always finish last because girls find them boring and predictable.
They are too agreeable and not assertive enough to stand on their point of view.
Girls don't consider nice guys as dating material because they are too good.
There are guys who will do everything a girl wants even if will cost them their reputation and self-respect and still end up losing the girl.
The thing is girls don't like guys who don't seek self-respect just to please them.
Being nice doesn't necessarily mean being weak and accommodating everyone's wishes by backing off and making peace when faced with a tricky situation.
Girls don't like guys with no guts.
Self confidence will make you look sexy and girls will be attracted to you if they are attached to you because of some amount of tension in the atmosphere.
If they are comfortable with you, they will end up talking to you as a friend.
Girls like their guy to be both romantic and naughty.
They want a guy who likes adventure and wants to experiment that's why many girls are attracted to bad guys because only they will do something out of the ordinary.
Nice guys fear rejection that's why they avoid risks which makes them vulnerable and easy to get.

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