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How to Teach Spanish With Pop Culture

    • 1). Watch Spanish television shows in class. You can access Spanish language television through the Internet. Channels such as TVE out of Spain provide free access to shows aired within the same week. TVE -- Noticias provides 24 hour news coverage in Spanish. Choose television shows with a clear narrative element so that students can follow the story and pause often when showing the program to check student comprehension and discuss any idioms or familiar phrases used during the show.

    • 2). Watch Spanish language movies. Visit your local video store, which should have a Spanish language section, for films to use in the classroom. In addition, many companies now offer online streaming video of international films. Try to find Spanish films that have sub-titles available so that students can still follow the plot and, as with Spanish-language television, pause often to discuss the language and to check for comprehension.

    • 3). Listen to Spanish radio stations and Spanish music in class. Accuradio, a free online radio station, provides several Spanish-language radio stations. In addition, visit your local library for access to Spanish music for free. When using language in the classroom, find the text of the songs to give out so that the students can strengthen their listening comprehension and follow the songs.

    • 4). Buy subscriptions to Spanish cultural magazines for your classroom. You can find Spanish language magazines at your local public library or through an Internet search. Use magazines to give the students assignments in summary of a text or help them to find ideas for Spanish language research projects about cultural figures.

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