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How to Raise Money for a Gap Year

    • 1). Figure out how much you need and how much time you have to raise it.

    • 2). Start close to home -- or in your own home. Dig around for items you can sell through an online auction or classifieds website or at your own garage sale.

    • 3). Get a second job and put all the proceeds toward your gap year. You can still do other fundraising, but a steady weekly paycheck keeps up the momentum and ensures steady progress toward your goal.

    • 4). Team up with a local business to hold a special fundraising event. Think outside the box to come up with ideas likely to attract a lot of people and encourage them to spend money. Battles of the bands, local celebrity-chef cook-offs, car shows, wine tastings and community flea markets and craft fairs are some ideas. Offer to reimburse the business for its costs, but you keep the profit. Explain to the business owner how she'll benefit by the free publicity and exposure.

    • 5). Perform a spectacular stunt in exchange for sponsorships. Gap-year fundraisers have done everything from swim across the English Channel to walk across the country to run a marathon. Advertise your sponsors by wearing their logos on your clothing while you perform your stunt.

    • 6). Hire yourself out to friends and neighbors for whatever tasks they want or need done. Invite them to think beyond mowing lawns and washing cars. You might even consider having them finish the sentence "I dare you to..." with a fun -- but safe -- prank for you to carry out for a fee.

    • 7). Publicize your events well. Spread the word among all your friends, through all your hangouts. Contact the local press if you'll be performing a stunt or holding a special event, to invite them to cover the story.

    • 8). Solicit donations from the charity you'll be working for during gap year, if charitable work is what you intend to do. Ask your local Rotary, Lions, Jaycees and other community service organizations to sponsor you. If you know of celebrities who support your cause, ask them for donations, too.

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