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How Jealousy Can Make Any Man Want You

Believe it or not, if you use jealousy in just the right way, you can make any man want you, even if you have never had any luck with men before.
Here's how.
Do Not Cling onto Him.
Let's face it: some women are far too clingy for anyone's taste.
Unfortunately, this tends to drive men away faster than the plague.
So, if you want to make any man want you, you have to stop being clingy; otherwise, he may take you for granted.
Instead, live your life independently from his and show him that you have a world outside of his, as well.
This will make him respect you and long to be close to you more than you would expect.
Be Unavailable Sometimes.
If you want to make any man want you, you have to train yourself to avoid answering his calls right away.
If you answer his calls after the first ring every time, then he will feel like you have nothing to do with your life but wait around for his call.
If you want to make a man run after you, though, you have to pretend that you are busy sometimes, even when you are not.
This will make you seem unattainable and make men try harder to win your attention.
Date Other Men.
If you want to gauge how a man feels about you, try dating other men and talk to him about it.
If you want to do this subtly, then date men within his own acquaintance circle and wait for them to talk.
Then, wait and see his reaction about it.
Of course, you should never date any of his close friends if you want to win him over in the end nor should you let the other dates get too serious, either.
Stop Caring So Much.
Men are providers by nature, which means that they will protect you and fight for you whenever you need them to.
On that note, men need to feel needed, too.
So, if you stop caring and pretend like you don't really need him, he will try to prove to you that you do and work harder for your attention.
To be honest, jealousy can be a dangerous thing to play with while trying to make any man want you.
However, if you do things in moderation, you can definitely win over your dream guy in no time.

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