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Asking Yourself Why is My Penis Curved? Learn 2 Simple Ways How to Straighten a Curved Penis

Penises come in all different shapes and sizes.
You shouldn't be alarmed if yours deviates from the norm.
However, sometimes it can exhibit a curvature which is difficult to understand.
So, why is my penis curved to begin with? It isn't exactly known as to why a penis is bent or why it shows a strange inclination to curve.
It is, however, often a result of scar tissue.
Usually this occurs during a forceful act where the penis is either hit quite hard or forced in a bent fashion.
The trauma results in the formation of scar tissue and a bump can often form in tandem with the curvature.
This "bump" or internal lesion, referred to as Peyronie's disease (curvature of the penis), is non-cancerous, and is generally pronounced when the penis is erect.
Although it is not dangerous, it can be rather painful during intercourse, which is quite devastating for men across the board.
Either way, asking yourself 'why is your penis curved' can be quite frustrating and embarrassing to boot.
Treatment is non-standard and can pose a problem for those wanting to know how to straighten a curved penis.
Generally, the use of Vitamin E and steroids have been utilized to reduce the pain experienced during sexual intercourse.
Nevertheless, these solutions are short-term and show very little success for those left asking 'why is my penis curved'.
It can take quite a long time for a bent or curved penis to go away on its own.
It is much more efficient and necessary to learn how to make it heal rather than wanting to know how to straighten a curved penis.
Action is always more effective than asking.
Thus, the age old question of 'why is your penis curved' can be approached in two different fashions.
Exercise has been the oldest and most effective way of quieting the concerns of why is your penis curved.
Historically, the use of small ropes and weights were used to straighten out a penis - nowadays, that is just unintelligent and yes, very painful.
Instead, using your hands is probably the best way to learn how to straighten a curved penis.
Just continually use your hand to exercise out the curvature and within 1-3 months you can see results.
The second approach to quell questions about why is my penis curved, is to straighten it using a specialized device.
No need to worry, there will be no scary usage of ropes or weights.
Penis devices are almost always small and very safe.
They act to stretch your penis outward and reduce the curvature by a large margin.
Learning how to straighten a curved penis can be frustrating at first, especially with a machine.
Results will not be automatic and you may be continually questioning why is my penis curved during the process.

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