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How To Make Your Own Pore Strips

Pore strips can help us to instantly remove dirt, oil and blackheads all the way from chin to forehead.
However, it usually costs a little too much, and you can't make sure whether they suit your skin or not.
Here we give you some recipes to make your own pore strips, which can help you not only save some money, but also ensure your safe usage.
Before you start it, gather all the needed ingredients and tools including Knox Unflavored Gelatin, some milk, a makeup brush, one small microwave-safe bowl and a microwave.
Then you can start to make your own pore strips.
At the first step, add a tablespoon of Knox Unflavored Gelatin into the microwave-safe bowl.
Then, get one equivalent tablespoon of milk into the same bowl and stir.
Maybe you'll feel that the ingredients are a little dry.
If so, you can add another couple drops of milk into the mix to adjust it, neither too thick nor too thin.
At the third step, set the microwave on high, and put the bowl into it to warm the mixture.
Ten seconds later, take the bowl out.
You can clearly see that the mixture melted down, which makes it much easier to mix and apply.
And now, you finish all the procedures and get exactly what you want.
Next, you can take up your brush, and apply them to anywhere you feel your pores could benefit, such as your chin, cheeks and even between your eyebrows.
But remember one thing; before you put your brush into the mixture, rinse the brush.
If you don't, it may turn into a sticky, gluey mess.

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