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How to Remove Sticker Glue From Vinyl

    • 1). Head to your local home-improvement center or hardware store and purchase a multipurpose stain remover that dissolves glues and adhesives. Look for well-known solvents that safely eliminate glue from clothing and fabrics, among other surfaces.

    • 2). Refer to the directions on the product label for applying the cleaner. Some brands can be safely applied directly onto an affected surface, while others must first be applied to a rag or cleaning cloth.

    • 3). Allow the solvent to set into the problem area on the vinyl for the instructed length of time. Then use a rag to scrub the area and soften the glue. A microfiber cloth is most effective for loosening residue.

    • 4). Wipe away the remnants that have lifted from the vinyl and rinse the area with water. Repeat the process until all stubborn film has been eliminated.

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