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Ohaus Precision Weighing Balances

Ohaus precision weighing balances offer accurate solutions for pharmaceutical research, general lab use, drug discovery and university research.
Balances manufactured by Ohaus, a New Jersey based company, are designed to meet current requirements and also to suit future needs.
One can choose from weighing balances of different operating temperatures, capacity, readability, repeatability, stabilization times and linearity.
A Variety of Application Modes and Features The glass and steel structure resists static effects and offers great protection against corrosion.
Superior AutoCal element automatically regulates the system whenever a change occurs in temperature.
The RS232 interface with GLP data output links to a printer or PC and records GLP/GMP data such as date, balance ID, project ID, time, reference data and user ID.
Different application modes like density determination, dynamic weighing, totalization, parts counting, pipette calibration, per cent weighing, and check weighing are found in Ohaus precision weighing balances.
Other features of these weighing balances include: 1) User-selectable filter settings that make up for disturbances such as vibrations 2) Environmental settings 3) Up front level indicator that makes certain that the balance is level 4) Menus for software reset and lockout 5) Communication settings, printing selections, data print selections and span calibration points that are user choosable 6) Stability indicator 7) AC adapter 8) A number of weighing units 9) In-use cover 10) Auto tare Cut Costs by Purchasing Reconditioned Balances There are numerous reputable providers of old, used, reconditioned and brand new Ohaus precision weighing balances.
Reconditioned balances are a wonderful option to consider for laboratories and medical establishments that cannot afford new pieces.
Any problems in the used equipment would be fixed and the apparatus cleaned before it is sold as reconditioned equipment.

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