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Designer Fragrances Versus Knockoff Fragrances

The designer spares no cost for the natural ingredients used to make the fragrances, searching for the right mix for the desired scent, special packaging designs and special ways to market their fragrances.
This process is very long and expensive.
The designer fragrance is the "real deal.
" Knockoff fragrances are made from cheaper ingredients.
The scent doesn't last very long and it also changes from it's original scent.
Many shoppers think getting goods at a low price is a good reason to buy knockoff merchandise.
However, a knockoff is not always a great deal, especially when you are buying a perfume or cologne.
A counterfeit fragrance gets absorbed into the skin.
Research has shown that active ingredients found in counterfeit fragrances include things like urine, bacteria and antifreeze.
Placing these ingredients on sensitive parts of your body, such as your face, neck and wrists, is a serious health risk.
Buying knockoff fragrances do not save you money.
You will spend more for treatment of a possible bad reaction such as inflammation of the skin.
Before you buy a cheap designer fragrance, you should be aware it could be a fake fragrance containing products that could be harmful to you.
If you want to purchase a certain designer fragrance and you are not familiar with it, go to a department store and speak with a fragrance salesperson.
Most of the sales people in the larger department stores are certified and are very capable of responding to your questions.
If you want to purchase a designer fragrance but you can't afford or do not want to pay the full cost, there are many trusted fragrance sellers on the internet with discounted prices.
You will always see a guarantee of (authenticity) on the web site and in many cases, the phrase "We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.
" The authentic fragrance designers always use high quality cellophane wrap and paperboard to package their product.
A fashion designer, in order to keep up with the times, must change his fashion styles.
With very few exceptions, styles are forgotten by much of the public.
The designer fragrance endures and the name of the designer lives on.
Both men and women today feel strongly about the image they project.
If you wear designer clothing, you certainly should compliment the clothing with a designer fragrance.
Looking good and smelling good brings many compliments and you are sure to leave a fond memory trail behind.
By: Delores Darden

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