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What Is Oriental Massage Body Wash?

    Pre-Body-Wash Oriental Massage

    • An Oriental-style massage is a full body procedure that focuses on putting pressure on acupressure body points to help relieve stress and release tension in the body.

    Shower Body Wash

    • If you are uncomfortable being nude, wear a bathing suit or underwear in the shower, where there will be a bench or stool on which to sit. A massage therapist will stand behind you and massage a skin-softening body wash into your back, shoulder, neck, arms and legs, then use the shower head to rinse the body wash off you.

    Massage Table Body Wash

    • As you lie on your stomach, a massage therapist will massage a skin-softening body wash into your back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs. She will have a basin filled with warm water and wash cloths nearby, so that when she has finished she can use them to wipe and clean your body.

    Bathtub or Jacuzzi Body Wash

    • The water in the bathtub or jacuzzi is usually treated with oils to make your skin feel smooth. The massage therapist will ask you to lean forward or sit to the side, then begin to administer the same procedure as in the other types of treatments. When the body wash massage is completed, she will rinse you off with a shower head or clean wash cloths.

    After the Body Wash

    • Return to the massage table and lie face down. The massage therapist will towel-dry you and apply lotion to your skin. Once that is completed, your massage treatment is over.

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