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Classified Adds - 6 Quick Steps For Affiliates on How to Write a Compelling Ad!

Writing a compelling emotional Classified Add should become a lot easier once you've grasped the fundamentals on how you're going to reach your customer.
How do you get your add to stand out from the rest is the big question so read on.
Step 1: What Are The Features Of Your Product? Take out a blank piece of paper and list down every feature your product has.
Put these all on one side of your piece of paper.
Step2: Turn Those Features Into A Benefit For Your Customer! Next to your features, you now need to write down how those features are going to be a "benefit" to your customer.
Customers buy benefits, they want to know what's in it for them! You need to find out what meaningful benefit they're going to get from your product or service.
Remember customers are interested in themselves.
Features are about the product, but the benefits are always about your customer.
Step 3: What Is The Ultimate Benefit? What is the single most compelling and ultimate benefit your customer is going to get from your product? Full lush hair, whiter brighter smile, fuller kissable lips? What is the benefit that will make them buy? Keep this to a single phrase.
Once you know what the main benefit is, you know exactly what it is that you have to promote.
Step 4: Who Are Your Target Audience? Here are six basic questions to help you identify your target audience.
a) Who uses these products or services right now, such as mums, dads or teenagers? b) Who else could benefit from this product, if they were made aware of it? c) Why does the market need this product right now? d) What is the market? Think about price, quality, availability and reliability just to name a few.
e) What are the characteristics of the customer that will buy your product? f) Why should they buy from you? The answers to the above questions will provide you with a strong foundation for your classified add.
Think of yourself as the potential customer and answer the question from their view point and the answers will fall into place.
If not ask a friend or family member.
Step 5: What Is The Top Emotional Hot Button For Your Customers? What gets your customer to take action? Action is the key here and emotion is what motivates them.
Customers buy on emotion, remember the "Emotional Hot Button" in step 3.
Give them all the positives to you product, the benefits.
Communicate clearly and at a down to earth level with them.
Remember they're real people who want real solutions.
When you know what the solution is for your customers you will have very successful classified add.
Step 6: Check Out Other Magazine Classified Adds! People who have placed adds here have done their research.
They're spending a lot of money to place these adds.
Learn from what they've done, leverage off their experience and expertise.
Check out adds in the same niche that you're in.
Get brilliant ideas and take out your own add using all of the above steps and you will have a very successful classified add, that you can place in local newspapers, news letters local magazines to name a few, for a fraction of the cost.
The rewards and happy customers will be well worth the effort and work that you put into your classified add.
Remember you're changing peoples lives with your products and or services, so always be sure to deliver what you promise.
Do this and you will build a solid reputation with your customers which will ensure ongoing ultimate success for you.

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