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Differences Between 1969 & 1970 Ford Mustang

    • Ford introduced a newly designed Mustang for the 1969 production year, as it had every two years from the Mustang's inception in 1965. As with prior years, the Mustang came as a hardtop, a fastback and as a convertible, although Ford changed the fastback's name to the SportsRoof in 1969. The 1970 Mustang was mostly a continuation of the 1969 model, but a few differences between the two years. Some differences are more apparent than others.


    • The 1969 model featured four headlights, and the 1970 model featured only two. Replacing the two deleted headlights were trim pieces featuring a pair of simulated air scoops. Both model years featured essentially the same grill, but the 1970s grill slots were wider and the Mustang emblem moved to the center of the grill rather than on the driver's side. The 1969's side marker lights are located on the valance panel, while the 1970's lights are located on the fenders. Ford deleted the nonfunctional scoops on the side of the 1969 model in 1970; it also eliminated the thin body line that ran down on the 1969's quarter panel for the 1970 model. Whereas the 1969 model's taillight panel had a concave exterior, the 1970's panel was flat.


    • The 1970's steering column locked when the driver turned off the ignition switch; the 1969 model did not have this feature. Whereas high-back bucket seats were optional in 1969, they became standard equipment in 1970. The 1970's windshield wiper/washer switch moved to the location of the 1969's ignition switch. The 1970's front seat belts became shorter than the 1969's, eliminating the need for seat belt holsters. The seat back release lever moved from the center of the side of the seat back to the bottom in 1970. The door panels remained the same, but the pleat designs between the two years differed.

    Other Differences

    • Ford replaced the 1969's 351 cubic-inch Windsor engine with the new 351-cubic-inch Cleveland engine. The 1969 model came equipped with a muffler positioned behind the rear axle, while the 1970 model featured the muffler in front of the rear axle. The fuel tank capacity increased from 20 gallons to 22 gallons in 1970. However, 1970 Mustangs produced in California retained the 20-gallon tank.

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