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Globe CT-IVs Rating

The Bottom Line

Chet Thomas has been a pro skater for a long time - he owns Darkstar, and has a long history of making great shoes with Globe. The CT 4s are perhaps the best so far. You may spend more for these shoes, but try them out, and you want want anything else. Beyond being ridiculously comfortable, the shoes are enhanced with various features that add to their skatability and durability. Chet has a huge reputation in skateboarding, and he put all his knowledge and experience into these shoes.

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  • Comfortable - these are some of the most comfortable shoes made. Period.
  • Durable - with multiple layers of leather and reinforced rubber sections, these shoes should last
  • Proven - CT IVs have been on the market for a while, because they're so well made

  • Unless you find a great deal, CT IVs will cost you a lot as compared to other skate shoes

  • Step-in neoprene sock liner with memory foam
  • Reinforced ollie areas and toe cap
  • Nitrocel 3 ICS sole with PU air midsole
  • Triple stitched, double layer toe cap
  • Segmented ollie protection insert, hidden front eyelet
  • Chet Thomas signature model

Guide Review - Globe CT-IVs

Skate shoes come in all kinds of crazy shapes and designs, and it can be hard to know which ones to buy. Most sports require some special type of footwear, and skating's no different - except that skateboarding rips shoes apart, and if your skate shoe doesn't fit well, your performance will suffer.

Enter the Globe CT-IVs. Designed by Chet Thomas (thus the CT), these shoes are perhaps the most comfortable skate shoes available.

They're made a little wide, and with nice, comfortable support. They don't have a tongue, but rather a step-in sock liner with memory foam for a perfect fit. Once you wear CTs for a little while, other shoes will seriously feel tight and hard. It's like your feet get addicted to them, and it's nice. This is by far these shoes greatest feature, but they're packed with others as well. The midsole is molded polyurethane with PVC shanks for additional support and Nitrocel? cushioning. The point is, these shoes are incrediable. I've had a pair of CT-IVs for over a year, and though a tube of ShooGoo is all that makes them wearable, I still refuse to throw them away.

But comfort isn't all these shoes have. They're technically well built, using leather, synthetics, neoprene - all the good stuff. The toe caps are tough, though the black of the leather will fade pretty quickly if the shoes get wet a lot from rain or snow. The shoes have stylish built in ollie protection, and are well stitched.

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