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Take The Edge Off Stopping Smoking!

Each and every year in my private practice in Oxford, I see hundreds of people wishing to stop smoking. Along with doing Hypnotherapy with them and teaching them Self Hypnosis, I also give them a few tips to make sure that the transition into a happy and content non-smoker is a happy one. I recommend that the tips below be used following a session of Hypnosis or the use of a high-quality Stop Smoking Hypnosis recording.

So if you have picked your day to quit, you're ready to begin. Here are my tips on becoming a happy and content non-smoker.

1.Drink plenty of water. By increasing the amount of water that you drink you will be increasing your chances of an easier transition to being a non-smoker. The nicotine (the drug which you are addicted to) that is in your body needs to be flushed out and an increase in the amount of water that you drink helps you to do just that. It also hydrates your body, which in turn will give you a greater sense of wellbeing and allow you to feel healthier - this could benefit you if you tended to feel a bit crabby after giving up previously.

2.Do something different and keep busy. In those first vital days, make sure that you keep busy, and do stuff that you like doing as this will keep you occupied and less likely to think about smoking. Maybe spend some time with your friends or family and go out for the day. To make sure that your habit stays broken, it may be helpful to break your routine for a few days. During their day a smoker will associate a lot of things with his or her smoking, such as, having a beer, driving the car and after having sex. Still do all of these things, however do them differently! For example - have your beer at a smoke free bar for a few days!

3.Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Just like drinking more water, eating healthily allows you to feel healthier and gives you a greater sense of wellbeing. This is great as in this frame of mind and body you are more likely to succeed as you are giving yourself more to loose! Try it - you will feel great!

So there you have it. These are not all of my tips; however they will certainly help to take the edge of giving up smoking for you. Good luck and enjoy your new healthier lifestyle!

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