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How to Assemble a Fishing Pole

    • 1). Assemble the rod. If the pole is not ready to go from the time of purchase, it comes in two pieces. Both go together to form the rod. Screw the end that goes on top into the handle. It can only go in one way.

    • 2). Attached a reel. Often times it will come with the pole, but sometimes it must be purchased separately. Attach it to the top of the handle where the rod meets the handle. Put it in a place that feels comfortable to your hand. Make sure it is sturdy when it is attached.

    • 3). Thread the rod. Once you've loaded your reel with fishing line, run it up through the rings of the rod, leaving some off once you get to the end for a lure.

    • 4). Attach the fishing lure of choice to the end of the fishing line, making sure to tie a strong knot. Otherwise, you lose your lure either to your cast or to the first strong fish that comes along.

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