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How to Set Up a Web Site on Roadrunner

    • 1). Go to the Road Runner Personal Home Pages website and log-in with your original Road Runner account credentials. These are the same log-in details that were given to you when you first registered for Road Runner Internet service. Click "Login" to be taken to the Personal Home Pages backend administrator area.

    • 2). Click on "Select Theme" to choose a theme for your website. This will determine the look and feel of your website. Click the "Save" icon to save your theme.

    • 3). Click on the "Layout Page" button to determine the layout of the website. Click "Save" when you are done.

    • 4). Click on "Add Content" to add the text to your site. Type in the content and click "Save."

    • 5). Click on "Upload Photos & Music" to add multimedia files and photos to your website. Click "Browse" to find the files you want to upload, click on the file and click "Open." Click "Save" when you are done to save the files to your website.

    • 6). Click on "Preview" to see how your website looks.

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