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Free WordPress Website - Why You Should Use WordPress

WordPress is one of the websites that allows you to create your own sites for free.
You will be treated to different themes and features that come free.
You get your own address and can customize the pages to suit your needs.
A number of great themes are available and range from fancy to professional and you can switch them with the click of one button.
You will also be able to upload your own images as well as widgets to make the website more attractive.
With great support from the company, you are able to see the statistics of a website thanks to the integrated stats system that is updated after every 60 seconds.
You will also be able to add and use extra functionality features such as voting, contact forms, as well as site maps by use of various plug-ins.
The greatest advantage of using WordPress for a website is that it supports both PHP and Mysql.
WordPress is also a great site for beginners and those who are not technically minded because it is easy to use.
The content and layout of the pages are separated making it easy to create and manage the content using any browser.
Additionally, the design is taken care of in the many professionally designed templates.
So, you can easily build a website without any design skills at all.
Creating a web page using the site is also very simple and users need to do that using the WordPress Admin panel.
You can also manage the comments to your site thanks to the Akismet tool that prevents spammers from posting comments.

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