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Bonuses of Metro West

One feature is the Metro West Country Golf Club. It sits at the center of a well-planned commercial, residential and recreational area, while even boasting a condo right on the golf course.

The cost of housing in Metro West ranges from the mid $100,000's to over a million. There is truly something for everyone.

This vast 1800-acre community offers rolling hills, lakes and breathtaking landscaping. The plan for the contractors and landscapers was for the community to live comfortably, play championship golf, and conduct business in a beautiful landscaped community.

Metro West has all that and much more as many families enjoy this comforting lifestyle.

What Comes of Metro West?

Currently 1200 of the 1800 acres is home to Metro West residents while the remaining 600 acres will be named Veranda Park.

Veranda Park will offer multi-story mixed-use projects where you can find retail, office and residential space in the upscale town center.

This town center will offer fine dining, sidewalk cafes, state-of-the- art cinema, nightclubs, and pizzerias, all mixed with beautiful parks and lake front amphitheater. Its backdrop will be renaissance sculptures, fountains and gondola rides.

It will be an Italian-themed village with architecture to match. There will also be green space for use, future growth and access to roadways.

How to Get Around Metro West

Metro West offers access to the heavy commercialized section of downtown Orlando, Orlando International Airport and major transportation roadways.

Its streets are lined with walkways and pathways to connect this community and offer alternatives to driving. With stores and business located in close distance, this is just what many are looking for in times of rising gas prices.

This plan to work, live and play, in one community, has been received with good favor by residents and businesses.

Why Metro West You Ask?

Metro West in Orlando Florida is an amazing community. It offers various types of housing and various price ranges from starter homes to luxury properties.

It has a championship golf course and country club as the centerpiece to this golf community.

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