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How Do I Change the Print Size of a PDF?

    • 1). Launch the PDF document of choice. Double-click the PDF file from your desktop. The document opens in Adobe Reader.

    • 2). Click the "Print" icon located in the upper-left corner of the Adobe toolbar. The Print dialog box launches.

    • 3). Choose the printer you wish to use from the "Name" field.

    • 4). Click the "Properties" button to the right of the printer name. The Printer Properties window launches.

    • 5). Click the "Page Setup" tab from the Printer Properties window.

    • 6). Click "Scaled Printing" from the drop-down to the right of "Page Layout." Select a value from 20 percent to 400 percent.

    • 7). Click "OK" to save your changes and click "OK" again to print.

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