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How to Have a Beach Day at School

    • 1). Set the mood by filling one plastic pool with sand and another with water. Place beach towels on the floor. Hang a paper sun and clouds from the ceiling. Play Hawaiian music or ocean wave sound effects in the background.

    • 2). Invite the kids to wear summer clothes, flip-flops and sun hats. Eat lunch sitting on the floor on beach towels. Have the kids take turns sitting in lawn chairs with their feet in the water or playing with shovels in the sand-filled pool in which you have buried some seashells.

    • 3). Read a beach-themed picture book, such as "Sand Castle" by Brenda Shannon Lee, aloud to the kids. After reading, instruct your students to draw a beach scene on white paper with thick crayons. Afterwards, have them paint thin blue watercolor paint over it to create watercolor resistance beach scene art.

    • 4). Give the kids large shells, tiny shells, craft wiggle eyes and sequins. Ask them to create a shell creature with the materials. Provide strong craft glue for gluing the creature together.

    • 5). Take pictures throughout the day. Near the end of the day, print each student a few pictures and provide a folded-paper book for mounting the pictures in and writing captions. Have the kids take their beach albums home as a souvenir.

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