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Male Organ Shrinkage-When Tissue Scarring Takes Its Toll

Taking a dip in very cold water can cause almost immediate male organ shrinkage. The tissues just seem designed to retract, as though the entire male organ hopes to move inside of the body, where the temperature might be a bit more comfortable. As distressing as these episodes may be, they're also temporary. As soon as a man warms back up again, his full length will reappear, with no long-term side effects present. Unfortunately, there are some causes of male organ shrinkage that aren't so transient. Thankfully, appropriate male organ care can help to keep these problems from robbing a man of the inches he deserves.

Boneless Wonder

The male organ really can shrink, because unlike other parts of the body, it's not supported by a firm and bony inside. The entire column is made of soft and spongy tissues, and that type of material is subject to an intense amount of damage if it is injured and allowed to heal without assistance.

When soft tissues tear, even if those tears are tiny, the repairs are made with thick layers of collagen that are put down in all sorts of diverse directions. Peering at healthy skin through a microscope produces a vision of cells all marching in the same direction. Looking at scar tissue, however, means looking at lumpy skin that doesn't seem organized at all. That tissue is technically healed, because the skin isn't bleeding, but it might also be damaged in its own way.

Repaired skin like this doesn't have a significant amount of flexibility. It might stretch and move when it's asked to do so, but it might not be able to move quite as far, since some of the cells of skin like this are pointing in the wrong direction. There's just a little less give.

If the male organ had a bony center, this type of damage wouldn't matter. The bones would stretch the damaged cells into compliance, and there would be no discernable change in function. But since the male organ has no bone, the flexibility loss can be devastatingly noticeable, showing up at the most inopportune time possible.

Intimate Damage

When a man is immersed in an intimate moment and blood begins to run into the tissues of the male organ, they're expected to respond by stretching, growing and expanding. At the end of this process, they should be as taught and straight as they can possibly be, so a man can be as long as he can be. Tissue damage can cause those tissues to balk during the stretch, and some might not stretch at all. Inches can be robbed from a man in no time at all, due to this kind of damage.

Men with tissue troubles like this might notice that their manhood seems:

  • Inflexible
  • Bent
  • Twisted
  • Painful

  • The entire piece might also just seem smaller and shorter, when compared to how it looked when the tissue was healthy.

    Important Steps

    Since these shrinkage concerns begin at the cellular level, they're terribly difficult to correct. Men can't just pop a prescription or get a shot and see all of their troubles disappear immediately. Instead, it's best for men to take action to nourish their cells, so this kind of damage can't take place at all.

    A male organ health creme(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could help. Nourishing the cells at the source could allow them to heal without putting down massive amounts of scar tissue in the process, and ingredients like Acetyl L Carnitine can help keep male tissues smooth and soft, so they can bend and stretch perfectly without bumping against firm deposits of plaque and scar tissue. With daily application of products like this, male organ shrinkage might be just a joke, not something a man must live with.

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