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PC Repair Tips & Tricks

    Avoid Static Electricity

    • Static electricity is a very real threat to computers.zap 23 image by chrisharvey from

      Computer components are very sensitive to static electricity, a high-voltage charge that accumulates on all objects. Exposure to this hidden but dangerous threat may not cause noticeable damage immediately, but can significantly decrease a part's life span.

      To protect components, wear an anti-static wrist strap and keep parts away from areas that are havens for static electricity. These include carpets and beds.

    Carry the Right Tools

    Keep a Stock of Spare Components

    • Hard drive failures are one of the most common computer hard-disk image by Ivonne Wierink from

      Many computer problems have multiple causes. In order to aid in diagnosing issues, keep a stock of spare of parts around. For instance, a technician unsure of whether a broken video card or bad monitor is causing a graphics issue could swap out either the card or monitor to isolate the broken part and rule out the working one.

      The spare parts do not necessarily have to be new, either. Many old components are still compatible with new computers. Your cache should consist at least of a hard drive, DVD-ROM or other optical drive, video card, sound card, power supply, monitor, motherboard, RAM sticks and the associated cables for each part.

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