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Leading A Meaningful Christian Life Is The Way To Almighty

Christianity is summarized as loving God and our neighbor, and everything else is taken as a means to that end. A typical Christian life involves number of aspects. One of the main aspects is sharing with each other and supporting each other by spending time together in worship and other activities. By working together everyone gets to know about one another.

Life in this world has both good and evil. So we must take extra precautions to leave out the evil as much as possible. That can be done only by prohibiting matters related to evil. So prohibition becomes mandatory to lead a proper life, otherwise what purpose would our life serve if we accept both good and evil alike. Christianity is not about prohibitions, but christian community has some prohibitions, which should not be seen merely as dreary rules. Every component of Christianity has a well thought out inner meaning and essentially serves to lead a disciplined life.

Prayer is one of the major components of Christianity. Prayers are seen as the basis of relationship with God, so prayers should be from the heart. There are different kinds of prayers such as public prayers, family prayers and personal prayers. In todays world, it has become quite difficult to differentiate between good and evil, as evil wears the cloak of goodness. So prayer is the only means to reach God and understand the truth.

All of us make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. As life has become more materialistic, people are taking less time to repent their mistakes. But repentance is necessary in ones life; otherwise God does not show the way to correct our mistakes. Repentance is emphasized in christian life as it helps to evaluate our mistakes in the light of God. Repentance is not only about our actions but also about our attitudes. Attitudes are the seed to our actions, so a wrong attitude certainly leads to wrong action. We all know that repentance is not an easy task. We need to discipline ourselves to face our faults impartially and also admit to others. On the other hand, if we do not repent then we are likely to forget our mistake, allowing it to grow like a poisonous tree within our mind without our knowledge.

Bible study is another important aspect of Christian life. Both individual study and group study are given equal importance. Almost all Christian community has active Christian education, which focuses on educating church goers about Christian faith, church history, and other important topics about Christian community. This education is done on Sunday, along with regular worship.

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