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Inexpensive Wedding Favors for Smaller Weddings

If you are having a smaller, nontraditional wedding ceremony or reception due to budgetary constraints, there are several wedding favors that you can make which will make your wedding a memorable event for your family and friends.
If your wedding reception is being catered at a private home or church hall with food being provided by family and friends, ask for copies of the recipes for each dish.
Print it out with the bride and groom's wedding information and who shared it for the event on a page with decorated papers that can be included in a cookbook or scrap book.
Not only will this serve as a special reminder for the wedding guest, but it will go a long way in helping future genealogical research or family histories.
This type of information can also include space to record anything that might be significant as a memory to that particular person.
If the bride and groom are in the military or moving to another area, small business size cards can be printed up either commercially or at home which contains the bride and groom's names and wedding date on one side, and their new address, phone, and email address on the other side.
These cards can easily be added to address books and rolodexes.
This is a memorable way to insure that family and friends can keep in touch after the couple begins their new life together in the new area.
For those who are pet lovers, it is also possible to make small wedding favors that double as pet toys or other pet items.
For example, a small animal shape can be filled with catnip for cats, or non-toxic stuffing to use as a retrieval or 'fetch' toy for a dog.
Attached to each toy or included in a bag around it can be a card with the wedding details on it.
The pet wedding favors can be placed in a small basket, one for dogs, one for cats so that each guest can choose the appropriate one for each pet.
Lastly, rather than buying expensive wedding favors, a donation can be made to a charity of choice in the name of the new couple or "the friends and family of...
"A copy of the letter of receipt and perhaps something about the cause can be photocopied, along with the couple's wedding particulars, and be given to the guests as a reminder.
With a little thought and creativity, inexpensive does not have to mean ordinary or boring.

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