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How to Communicate With Military People

    • 1). Don't salute -- unless you have been in or are in uniform -- or you're a six-year-old boy. There is no reason to salute, if you're not part of the military. So just speak with respect.

    • 2). Allow the person to be casual with you and not stay in a military stance. If they are on orders to be at attention, or in some state where they can't speak, they will let you know, so there is no doubt they are on duty. But if they can, let them enjoy a nice conversation, if you feel like it.

    • 3). Understand you are with a person at their job. If they are in uniform, they are at work, so let military people decide how long a conversation is going to go on. They have things to do, and unless you need help, they have to get on with their job.

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