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Join The Enterprize Trust To Get A Taste Of Your Heritage

Enterprize Trust is an organization that offers to people in Australia a chance to experience adventure sailing on the deep waters. It is a non-profit organization that is dependent on the 100 volunteers who work on the ship. The present Enterprize is a replica of the original one that was built in 1830. It is an all timber schooner that is quite fascinating to sail on. The 100 volunteers who manage the entire ship came various walks of life. Some of them are physicians, riggers, archaeologists and mechanics. They all share the same passion "" sailing. They ensure that they give a unique experience of sailing to the people who choose to sail with them. It is possible to obtain self training on the ship. They learn the art of sailing on Tall ships. Enterprize has an adventurous voyage that is sailing in Bass Strait.

You can book yourself for a one hour sailing. If you want to set off into the sunset then you should definitely opt for the evening sails. You can sit back and relax. Enjoy the waves and the sea air caressing your face. You can experience a feeling of adventure. Aboard the Enterprize, you are bound to get an amazing sailing ship experience. Bring your own lunch hamper and enjoy the trip. If you want, you can go in for a bay cruise too. Also equally amazing are the Overnight Adventures called "Nautical Magical Mystery Tour" where the destination is kept a secret till the ship is reay to sail. It is no doubt exciting for the passengers. Without doubt the crew on board are determined to give the passengers a unique experience.

A weekend boat trip to Geelong is made worthwhile if it is on the Enterprize. Yes! You get the feel of actually sailing on a ship that dates back for centuries. With the same ambience created for the ship, you find it easy to appreciate your heritage. The programs are extremely affordable. And it also fans your passion of sailing and adventures. Also, there are programs for school children. The kids who are studying in primary and secondary can join the crew for the short sailing program. Here, they not only enjoy but also learn about their glorious past. This way they become aware about their legacy. Book your trip online and get the chance to experience the re-enactment of Melbourne"s first settlement.

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