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How to Play a 96 Bass Hohner Tango IIM Accordion

    • 1). Sit comfortably in an armless or wide chair. Set the accordion in your lap and balance it so it can stand up by itself.

    • 2). Slip your hands through the leather handles on both sides of the accordion. Reach the fingers of your right hand around onto the keyboard. It has a two-octave range that can be moved up and down by octaves via the buttons just above the keyboard. Grip the left edge of the accordion and hold firmly.

    • 3). Push and pull the sides of the accordion to create sound. To preserve the internal reeds and bellows, hold down a bass button on the left or keyboard key while you begin to play.

    • 4). Play notes on the keyboard while continuing to push and pull. Vary the sound by playing different bass buttons with your left hand. Work on playing a small melody such as "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star." As you become more comfortable with the keys, you'll be able to play longer and more complex tunes.

    • 5). Purchase a book of accordion music and instructions, join an accordion club and play music with your friends. Find different ways to have fun while you learn. Play every day for 15 minutes--your muscle memory will learn faster if you practice regularly.

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