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Cohasset, MA Poultry Bylaws

    Keeping Poultry in Areas Zoned Residential

    • Section 4.2 of the Cohasset zoning bylaw allows people to raise and keep poultry for home use. Residents must comply with regulations enforced by the board of health, and noises and odors cannot intrude beyond the raiser's property lines.

    Keeping Poultry in Areas Zoned Non-Residential or Open Space

    • Section 4.2 also permits non-commercial poultry keeping and raising in most areas zoned for non-residential uses. Health regulations and rules about noise and odor also apply. In areas zoned as Official and Open Space District, Cohasset requires a special permit issued by the town's planning board.

    Raising Poultry Commercially

    • Generally, poultry and other livestock can't be raised commercially in Cohasset. Zoning rules ban the practice entirely in residential areas, and in non-residential areas zoned for Downtown Business, Village Business, Waterfront Business or Highway Business. Commercial operators can raise poultry in areas zoned for Light Industry or Technology Business, but only with a special permit.

    General Bylaws on Poultry in Cohasset

    • Article VII, Section 11 of Cohasset's general bylaws requires owners of poultry and other livestock to keep such animals under control, and to prevent them from being a nuisance to others. The full text of the section says: "No person shall permit any horse, livestock, or poultry under his care to go upon any sidewalk, graze in any public place, cause damage to property, or interfere with the safety and convenience of any person."

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