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Valentine"s Day Is a Day of Love

Love is in the air.
Valentine's Day is fast approaching.
Are you ready to acknowledge the ones your love or are you reacting to the sense that this all too commercial for you?Love is love is love.
Who cares if it seems that someone else is dictating to you that this is a day to focus on the ones you love? Valentine's Day is a day that reminds us to acknowledge our loved ones with gifts, external displays of our internal feelings.
All too often, the cards and gifts sent on Valentine's Day are given half-heartedly, with a sense of obligation and doing what the media sets us up to do.
When we do not follow the media dictates, we stand the chance of hurting our loved one's feelings.
What is wrong with this scenario?So many of us would rather be right, would rather be individual, would rather not be like everyone else, so we refuse to "submit" to the current ritual of any given holiday.
We balk at Christmas gift giving and holiday spirit, we resent Mother's Day and Father's Day, and we refuse to "give in" to the requirement for gift giving on Valentine's Day.
However, if we are employed, we are very happy to enjoy time off from work for President's Day or Veteran's Day or Easter or any other mandated holiday.
I welcome the ritual of having unique and special days set aside to acknowledge one important aspect of life.
Of course, mothers need to feel appreciated all the time to help them to do such an important life task to their best ability.
But at least there is one day, every year, when the whole family knows that their "job" is to acknowledge MOM.
And dad, who has been working hard all year is offered one day, just for him.
We have one day to acknowledge all those incredible veterans who have fought for our country.
We have one day to celebrate our independence as a country.
I, for one, would not like to forgo all of these special holidays by saying "We should acknowledge mothers, fathers, veterans, our independence, Christmas, spirit, New Year beginnings, and loving our partners EVERY DAY.
"It's just not gonna happen.
Life gets in the way.
We get busy and focused on small details and often forget to acknowledge those we care about most.
To me, Valentine's Day reminds us to love all those people we care about and even those we don't know.
For one day, we are reminded to put ourselves into a loving state of mind and to give sensitive caring gifts to the ones we love.
Valentine's Day gifts are not usually practical gifts, like a dish washer, a camera or a lawn mower.
Valentine's gifts are meant to be signs and symbols of love, objects like jewelry, teddy bears and delicious chocolates.
What does Valentine's Day mean to you?Would you rather be right and choose to ignore your loved ones on this special day?Or would you rather fit into the norm, let go of your own ego, and be the direct source of that bright shiny smile on the faces of the ones you love?The state of love is within each and every one of us if we allow it to blossom forth.
Why not let YOUR love shine this Valentine's Day and make at least one other person happy.
You might just find yourself feeling happy too.

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