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A Body Dryer For The Shower Is Fun and Functional

When shopping for products that make a bathroom safer and more functional, there is usually a trade-off between what works well and what looks good.
Grab bars are a perfect case in point.
They've become more decorative in the past few years, but for a long time they looked like they belonged in a hospital more than in somebody's home.
Still, they do provide an element of safety.
One of the latest and greatest bathroom products to hit the market in the past few years is a body dryer for the shower.
They've been around in Europe for years, and it's hard to imagine why they took so long to make it across the pond to America.
Not only is a body dryer for the shower a cool new gadget, it is fun to use and fully functional.
Body dryers work by circulating warm air around the inside of the shower from a tube that runs the full length from the floor to the ceiling in the corner of the shower.
They install easily and offer the convenience of drying off before stepping outside of a warm shower stall.
Because they are not molded into the wall, they can even be removed and used in another shower or home if needed.
Sure, it's not that difficult to dry off with a towel for most people.
But for seniors with balance problems or limited mobility that stems from arthritis or even a stroke, drying off in the shower with warm air is both safer and easier.
Not to mention, it cuts down on wet towels hanging on a towel rack.
Body dryers won't eliminate wet towels completely but they will allow people to get more uses out of a towel before throwing it in the washing machine.
Body dryers are also ideal for people with disabilities that use a shower wheelchair, or rely on a caregiver to help them dry off after a shower.
They allow the disabled to dry off in privacy after a shower and live independently in their own home.
Because body dryers run from the floor to the ceiling, they are effective at drying from a standing or seated position and work well with wheelchairs and shower seats and benches.
Some people are attracted to a shower body dryer just because it's fun to use.
Others need one for the functionality it provides, especially the privacy, safety, and ease of use.
It may not be for everyone, but if drying off in the shower is difficult for you, this just might be a great solution.

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