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Protein For Your Cat

Protein For Your Cat

By F. Terrence Markle

Your cat needs to be vigorous and healthy at all times. It would also be great for your cat to have good behavior and have a beautiful shiny coat of fur. Good nutrition is a necessary ingredient for all these characteristics in your pet cat.

Just as you would put good nutrition at the top of the list for your own personal health, it is essential for cats to have a corresponding high level of nutrition. Cats and humans are not expected to eat the same types of food. That would make no sense. In general, they would eat different types of food. However, your cat should have a variety of foods to eat that would promote good sound nutrition.

Protein for Your Cat

Cats, like many other types of animals, need to have a lot of protein in their daily diet. This is just a simple fact of life with your pet. The amount of protein required in the human diet to maintain good nutrition is well established. Depending on the body weight, cats require about twice the amount of protein. Not only that, the younger the cat the more protein that is required. In order to supply the requirements for growth from youth to adulthood, the kitten needs an enormous amount of protein.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are the compounds in living cells that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen that join together and form proteins. Protein is an important building block in the life cycle of your cat. Your cat will group the amino acids and deliver them to the protein organs. Every animal needs amino acids in different levels. Amino acids can be either essential or nonessential. The essential type must be consumed from certain food sources. The nonessential type do not have to be consumed and are produced within the body of your cat.

Food Variety for Your Cat

Variety is a key factor in the type of food to give your cat. You should select the protein sources for your cat's diet that ensure your pet will get the essential amino acids into the body. This will then provide your cat with good nutrition and sound health. Some of the food sources that will provide the essential amino acids are: red meat, poultry, fish and certain other dairy products.

Source of Protein

Protein can come from either animal flesh or plants. However, be careful because certain protein sources can be bad for your cat. Some types of protein source may result in your cat having problems with the food. This includes diarrhea, throwing up or some other type of problem. You should be on the lookout for these reactions. This indicates your cat has a digestive issue with a particular food or an allergy. Be careful and do not continue to feed this type of food to your cat. In general, the types of foods that can be digested easily and do not result in problems are meats, eggs and dairy products.

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