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Air Brake Safety Installation


    • When the vehicle operator applies an air brake, compressed air stored in a limited air supply fires into brake lines and closes the braking mechanism. The longer and harder the brake pedal is applied the more air releases out of the supply system. The air compressor works in conjunction with the engine. An air brake will cease working if the air supply fires air faster than it can store it.

    Driving Safety Tips

    • Inspect your air brake system before and after long journeys. Avoid unnecessary use of the air brakes so the air compressor retains enough pressure to slow the vehicle in an emergency situation. Check the steering brake air line for bulging, pinching and fitting looseness because a compromised air line will create rapid pressure loss.

    Installation Tips

    • When installing air brakes wear clear glasses and gloves for protection. A properly installed air chamber and slack adjuster should not have an angle greater than 90-degrees between each component, as stated by the New Brunswick government. Always install air chambers and slack adjusters of the same size on each axle.

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