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Hall of Preserving Harmony

Beijing Forbidden City Cining Gong

Forbidden City (10) Palace of the building according to their layout and function is divided into "North" and "inner court" of two parts. "North Korea" and "inner court" to clear the door for community dry, dry clean outside the door toward the south, north of the inner court. North Korea outside the Forbidden City, the inner court of the building very different atmosphere. North Korea outside the Forbidden Palace, the Hall of Preserving Harmony three main hall as the center, three of which house the "Hall of Supreme Harmony," commonly known as the "throne room" is where the emperor held in North Korea, also known as "former." Exercise of power of feudal emperors, grand ceremony was held.

Also wings East Wenhua Dian, Wen Yuan Ge, Si hospital, south three; Wu Yingdian west, the Imperial Household Department and other construction. Neiting to Qing, Jiao Tai Dian, Kunning Palace after the three-center, two wings of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the East Palaces and West Liu, Itsuki, Yuqing Gong, after the Imperial Garden. The feudal emperors and the Empress of the residence. Ningshou Gong eastern inner court of the Qianlong emperor to abdicate after the construction and endowment. Nei Tingxi Department has Cining Gong, life safety and Temple. In addition, Chung Wah Palace, north of five other buildings.

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History of the construction of the Forbidden City Palace Museum in Beijing took 14 years, is in Yuan Ming Yongle built on the basis of the palace. Designers of the early Ming Kuai Xiang chair (1397-1481, the word Tingrui, Suzhou). Called "Kuai Lo Pan." Palace built from the Yongle period to the Qing emperor abdicated in 1911 to about five hundred years, after a twenty-four emperors in Ming and Qing dynasties, the Ming and Qing dynasties supreme representative of the Centre.
Large tracts of open space within the altar, more than 36,000 lines of existing trees, lawns 82,000 square meters, more than 200 years old there are 174 old trees. Chak altar to the altar outside the three parties rather special Cooper, known as the "General Parker." The "old generals" stem circumference of 4.8 meters; "General" dry around 5.15 meters. Another "one-armed General" dry around 3.16 meters, who had repeatedly hit, the only remaining one named. Possession of a number of Guanyao Li Ditan device, the Qing dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province for a special royal fete. Authenticity is handed down, intact, with a high historical value, is a national secondary artifacts.

Before liberation, the altar overgrown, building a serious state of disrepair. After the founding of new China, with the national strength, the park has repaired the Temple Chai, Fang Ze Tan, Wong-only rooms, and all other buildings; rebuilt the altar arches and bell tower; built the Garden, set Fang caught, Rose Garden, Ginkgo Road and other attractions, on the altar of the surrounding environment protection on a large scale renovation repair, not only restored the old grave and enrich the landscape, so that the ancient Temple of Earth to life.

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