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The Advantages of a Positive Attitude

    Stress Management

    • A positive attitude is also a coping tool. During times of stress and hardship, positive people manage distress better than negative thinkers. They are able to magnify the positive aspects of their circumstances and focus on them. Stress management helps you avoid headaches, anxiety, anger, over- or under-eating, and drug or alcohol abuse, says the Mayo Clinic.

    Improved Health

    • Researchers aren't sure why people with positive attitudes have better health than pessimists do. According to the Mayo Clinic, positive people cope better with life's problems, therefore reducing the harmful effects of stress on their bodies. The tendency to exercise more frequently, eat healthier and take better care of themselves overall, may also explain why positive people are healthier. The health benefits include increased life span, lower rates of depression, better immunity to the common cold and better mental health, says the Mayo Clinic.

    Enjoy Life More

    • A positive attitude, which helps manage stress and promote health, also supports good relationships. A positive attitude can help you cope with interpersonal conflict and socialize better than a negative person. Those with positive attitudes have a healthier self-image. Their "self-talk"--the day-to-day mental chatter--is mostly positive, according to the Mayo Clinic. Positive attitudes also lead to better performance in the work place.

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