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The Great Outdoors - Natural Fun of Smith Mountain Lake Virginia

Knowing you're geared more toward free, wide open spaces in a natural setting rather than the congested commercial enterprise streets and highways of city spaces, why don't you relocate yourself in the thick of nature and actually live in the great outdoors?Even if living in nature doesn't seem to have a notion of permanence attached to it for you, why not have a weekend getaway spot or vacation home, just for industrial escapism purposes? So, What's Holding You Back From Seeking That Nature Escape? Truthfully, you know there's nothing stopping you from being able to walk out your front door and see expansive mountain ranges and wide open lake views in the distance instead of traffic clogs and scuttling business-folk.
Do you doubt that such a vision or place even exists?Well, you'd be wrong because such a neck of the woods away from blaring automobile horns and towering buildings is in fact very real.
It's located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia - this natural haven, of sorts, is Smith Mountain Lake.
And the beauty it exudes and enjoyment it brings comes in large quantities.
Sit back and relax, just take it all in.
Imagine the serenity of such a place and open your ears for lessened noise-pollution.
Just close your eyes and envision the awe-inspiring natural sights you've always imagined while in the midst of your busy cityscape home environment.
Better yet, if you're a thrill seeker or recreational buff, consider the adventurous opportunities presented before you in such an atmosphere too.
Between the high peaked mountains and deep crystal blue coves there are oodles of outdoor fun and recreational opportunities for people of all ages.
Smith Mountain Lake's Outdoor Fun Is Quite Eclectic Any and all types of outdoor activities are available to take advantage of at Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains.
If you're keen on a specific type of activity, it's certain that the area will be able to please your need for recreational thrill, or even on the other hand, recreational relaxation.
If you're an avid hiker, mountain climber, road biker, mountain biker, boater, swimmer, angler and so on, the Smith Mountain Lake region is more than willing to place a smile your (and even your family's) face from ear to ear.
Even if you're more inclined to partake in true kick-back-and-relax activities, Smith Mountain Lake has you covered there too.
Relaxing and Leisurely Outdoor Recreation Options, Too Beyond the extreme fun the area has to offer -such as mountain biking trails, long (and short) hiking destinations, parasailing excursions, etc- there is also the warm and family embracing Smith Mountain Lake State and Community Park to enjoy.
So, if picnicking is more so your cup of tea - or say, a nice leisurely sit down on lake's coastline with a good book - look no further.
Even if you're more interested in taking a slow nautical jaunt around the lake in a boat slowly and surely, merely to absorb all the scenery that's beautifully about, you can do that too, and all at any pace you'd like.
Just know that there's no rush at Smith Mountain Lake.
But, if you'd like to, you can certainly take the more adventurous, more beaten path - it's completely up to you.

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