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VA Streamline Without Getting An Appraisal

As a member of the United States military, you are entitled to some outstanding benefits. In the housing department, the VA has another way to help you. If you have already taken advantage of a VA loan, and are now looking at getting a lower interest rate, you are in luck. With a VA Streamline refinance, you can lower your house payments without needing to repeat the process of qualifying and appraising your home value.

All over the U.S., house values are dropping, leaving those interested in refinancing facing many difficulties. As citizens, they are unable to get the same appraisal amount and are finding themselves hopelessly upside down in the value of their house. But as a veteran, you are eligible to receive the benefits of the services of the VA. Here are some of the other advantages of refinancing with a VA Streamline loan.

  • No need to qualify again. Your initial qualification is all that is needed, along with current mortgage payments and a title that is clear of liens.

  • Skip one month payment. Due to the refinance process, you may be able to skip a payment, which will free up some cash for another use.

  • No out-of-pocket expenses. Many of the costs are paid by the lender or are rolled into the cost of your new loan.

  • Flexibility to change terms. With this you have the ability to change the terms of your loan, extending the length or shortening the length, it is up to you.

  • No appraisal. No pesky person telling you that your house is worth less that its initial appraisal.

This is a program that is not available to citizens. It is especially created to assist veterans for their housing needs. By refinancing your existing VA loan with a VA Streamline, you are taking advantage of a phenomenal opportunity. With no-appraisal, no re-qualification, and no out-of-pocket expenses, coupled with historically low interest rates and the flexibility to change your loan terms, there is no time to hesitate.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by the VA by choosing to save money and time in refinancing your home. Looking at all the advantages offered to you, doesn't it make sense to jump on the opportunity? You earned these benefits by serving your county. They won't be offered for much longer. Isn't it time you looked into making your life easier and more affordable?

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